Newborn Care

Newborn care relates to medical care provided to newborn babies. The newborn care quality measures we collect and report on are related to our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and to breastfeeding statistics.

The neonatal period refers to the first 28 days of a baby’s life. Babies are treated in the NICU when they are born ill or too early to be healthy or survive on their own without intensive treatment. Part of caring for newborn babies is helping parents learn how to be a part of the care team and how to best care for their babies once they go home. The newborn care measures are related to babies who are cared for in the NICU and how staff helps and supports parents of these babies.

Breastfeeding is, in most cases, the preferred way of feeding babies, so hospital staff encourages new mothers to consider breastfeeding. We offer support and programs, including breast pump rentals, to help mothers who wish to breastfeed, and we provide education for anyone who has questions about whether to breastfeed or bottle feed their babies.

We strive to provide high quality healthcare to all of our patients. In an effort to reach our goal of Exceptional Care, we collect data about our patients, their treatments and their outcomes. This data helps us to understand what we’re doing that is working and where we might need to improve our practices for the best possible patient outcomes.

The newborn care quality measures we report fall into the following categories: